Advisors at convention OK with losing money at casino, will not stand for ATM fees

National Post


At the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners' (CIFPs) annual conference
held this week at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, several delegates, who
had arrived at the casino with insufficient cash for gambling, were spotted
grumbling near white-label ATMs about the $1.50 service fee charged for
accessing their own money. When advised they'd likely save the $1.50 by
venturing outside the casino to find one of their own banks' ATMs, they simply
couldn't be bothered and thus acknowledged the efficiency provided by the ATMs'
convenient location is worth a small fee. Given how much money was lost at the
gambling tables, however, for maximum efficiency they might simply have handed
the money from the white-label ATM directly over to the casino.

Colour Photo: An ATM.